Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Marathon World Record

So as you probably know there is a new world record marathon time. And no, it was not set by Haile Gebreselassie... It was set by 26 yr old Kenyan runner, Patrick Makau. Patrick blew everyone out the water and won by 4 minutes in a time of 2:03:38... that is an average pace of 4:43/mile. Fire!!! It should also be noted that a UK record was set at the 2011 Berlin Marathon as well. Scott Overall ran blazing 2:10:55 to finish fifth and become the fastest british marathoner.

Finally, here's a pretty cool video from the 2011 Berlin Marathon. This end is particularly good with Makau flying along with no one around. He even throws in a little fancy jump over the chute divider to get into the proper lane...

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